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Social Hour 1.0

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

“All webinars and no socials, makes ANSA and her members ……”

I would fill in the gap for the quote above, but what is the fun in making a flexible statement rigid. Fortunately, ANSA is not any of the “gap word/group of words” you thought about, because indeed we understand the need for socials, as it helps members build relationships, understand different perspectives, unwind, and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Last Month, ANSA hosted its first social hour, and it was thrilling! 🔥🔥 Members of ANSA for the first time connected virtually to network with each other and unwind through a variety of social activities including Nigerian-based trivia, board games, and other activities.

This is one of the benefits of being a member of ANSA as we aim to serve as a “super node” connecting a strong community of fellow Nigerian students with similar goals. Forgive my scientific verbiage😉, but graduate school can be so taxing, a good chill once in a while should not be overlooked.

Here are some key moments captured during the event. Get your mind cutleries ready and let us dig in!! 🍽️

The event started promptly at 3pm EDT/8pm WAT and was opened by Tobi (West Virginia University) who was also our amiable host alongside Franklin (North Dakota State University). A brief introduction to ANSA was given, you can get this information on Hmm, that is a really nice jacket Titilayo (Columbia University).

Members were then allowed to freely move around and network! Oops! Looks like Prince got stood up ah ha! Sorry buddy! Also, I wonder what Joseph (Prospective) was saying to Ogochukwu (University of North Dakota) 🤔🤔.

Moving on, the games section was clouded with mixed feelings, delight for BIG winners and excuses for winners. Well with ANSA, everyone is a winner! We can all see Ayo (California State University) still laughing with after losing $500 in a game of poker, a true winner. No pun intended 😬. At the end, Damilola (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) emerged as the BIG winner for the poker section! Big ups Pastor D! I hope you got your ANSA medal of honor. Guard it, folks won't joke around next time.

Trivia was no less fun as Team Catherine (Prospective) was unstoppable, demolishing all challengers to emerge as the ANSA Trivia Liege!

Event lasted for 4 hours! Yes F-O-U-R, everyone got excited, and time became insignificant. Great event overall. If you are reading this and not a member yet, you are missing out! Become a member now by registering and following the instructions here:

Special thanks to those who committed their time and resources to make this event successful. We cannot wait to meet everyone again in Social 2.0!

Written by: Prince Ochonma

Edited by: Tobi Ore

© Association of Nigerian Scholars in America

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