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Navigating pre- and post-graduation pathways as international students in the United States

As part of the ANSA’s mission to foster the professional development of her members, we provide relevant resources, tips and host programs and seminars on several pathways to employment opportunities and career advancement.

Last month, ANSA hosted a webinar entitled, “Navigating pre- and post-graduation pathways as international students in the United States: CPT, OPT, and H1B”. The focus of the program was to share the various pathways to work authorization opportunities for international students in the United States. Two panelists were asked to discuss and give tips on Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), the H1B application procedure, and other pertinent topics.

The first panelist, Imobong Olayinka, an Associate Consultant at IBM, addressed the CPT and OPT programs, including their prerequisites, application processes, travel instructions, required paperwork, and other pertinent advice. In addition, the second panelist, the president of ANSA, Ayodeji Aina, offered key information on the H1B program. He discussed the fundamentals of the H1B program, the visa cap, eligibility requirements, and other application procedures. Following that, the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and the panelists provided answers to the questions.

To get more details of the program, kindly access the link to the recording here:

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Written by: Damilola Akamo

Edited: Prince Ochonma

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